“A Place of Long Years,” San Francisco-based The Union Trade’s sophomore full-length album, is an instrumental journey that weaves its way through triumphant peaks and barren valleys. This post-rock landscape remains mostly unpeopled, sometimes achingly so, but still abounds with the intimate and epic emotions The Union Trade have always cultivated. After a brief hiatus following their previous 2011 EP “Why We Need Night,” the band spent 3 years regrouping and refocusing their collective effort on creating instrumental guitar driven soundscapes, dynamic progressions, and sheer emotional strength. Picking up where they left off with the success of their popular instrumental song ‘Everyday Including Holidays,’ The Union Trade enlisted two local musicians to contribute on key tracks: Nate Blaz, fellow label-mate and cellist of (Geographer) and Ann Yu vocalist of (Silver Swans) to lend their haunting styles and unique points of view to The Union Trade sound. As a result “A Place of Long Years” moves the band even deeper into the instrumental post-rock genre with a cinematic sound that will move and excite old fans and new listeners alike. Available now on Vinyl, CD, Digital Download. Limited edition is on smoky clear vinyl, beautiful matte finish gate fold packaging with free download card.