Aquarius Records review of “Everyday Including”

05 Jul Aquarius Records review of “Everyday Including”

The awesome independent SF record shop Aquarius Records has some nice things to say about , making flattering comparisons to Sebadoh and Seam. 

Don’t forget you can buy Everyday Including there, or buy it from us here

UNION TRADE, THE  Everyday Including (Tricycle Records)
For their second cd and first full length, The Union Trade’s previous post-rock leanings are embraced by their fuzzy indie rock selves. Definitely brings to mind the slouchy, slightly dour charm of ’90s college rock kingpins Sebadoh and Seam… for sure a good thing in our books! They’ve stripped back quite a bit of the guitar effects which dominated their previous release 2007’s Now The Swell ep (or perhaps have more thoroughly integrated them), and have retained a nice warm blanket of reverb and gentler squalls of distortion. They’re much more vocal heavy too. Eleven terrific songs for these overcast drizzly days!

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