New EP “Why We Need Night” Out Now!

08 Feb New EP “Why We Need Night” Out Now!

Why We Need Night (EP)
Physical CD & Digital
Track Listing
1. Why We Need Night
2. Headlands
3. Hawk vs. Crow
4. This is What Happens
5. Aurelia

Buy the physical EP and get an instant free MP3 download of the EP at the Tricycle Records Store. You can also find the release at iTunes or Amazon. You can also find out more & stream the new EP here. We are very excited about getting this music into the world, and we’d like to thank a few people key to making this happen: Adam Myatt who engineered and mixed for us at Sharkbite Studios, Count at Vertebrae Productions who did the mastering, and Julie and Don at Tricycle Records for having such an awesome label.  Last but not least we want to thank our friends and family, who have supported us as a band throughout.

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