The Beat Surrender review: Everyday Including

28 Jul The Beat Surrender review: Everyday Including

UK online mag The Beat Surrender gives us a 7 out of 10 :)…read on….

“I can see why The Union Trade wouldn’t be to everyones taste, they don’t make three minute pop anthems and they certainly don’t do punk pop tracks in their skinny jeans and converse boots, it’s a far more mature post-rock sound that these guys give us instead. The end result is an album that you can immerse yourself in and become lost in, sit daydreaming while it’s playing or have it in the back ground while you concetrate on something, it has that there, but yet inobtrusive feel to it.

There are elements of shoe-gazing to go with the post-rock, but even this is done in as sonic, maverick style that reminds you of why you loved My Bloody Valentine, early Ride and Spacemen 3, it’s building up a soundscape and walls of noise on tracks like Strings Break, Talk (with some lovely soaring guitar by the way) and the brilliant Violent And Beautiful.

On other tracks they build things up even slower, keeping the tension in the track for as long as possible, the epic feel to the opener Self Possession is the first example of it, but it’s most effective on Upstream which has a hushed quality to it. The Nights Are Getting Longer is the only frustrating track for me, which opens with piano and drums and just as you are about to start getting into it, it finishes.

As i’ve said earlier, it won’t be for everyone and a lot of people will feel no doubt that it’s not immediate enough, but if you are a fan of any of the reference points i’ve used in this review then I think you’ll find an album from The Union Trade that you quickly grow to love.”

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