The Union Trade January 2011 Newsletter

16 Jan The Union Trade January 2011 Newsletter

Happy New Year from The Union Trade!

Here’s a quick update on our upcoming release and news about where you can download a sneak peek of one of the tracks. Plus some other stuff.

New EP set for release Feb 8th 2011

Why We Need Night (EP)
Label: Tricycle Records

Track Listing
1. Why We Need Night
2. Headlands
3. Hawk vs. Crow
4. This is What Happens
5. Aurelia

The New EP is mixed, mastered and titled Why We Need Night. We are very happy to announce that the official release date is set for Tuesday February 8, 2011 on Tricycle Records. It will be available through all you favorite digital outlets as well as physically through the Tricycle Records website. We hope you’ll pick it up and love it!

Here’s a blurb from Tricycle Records about our new EP

Over the course of their upcoming EP, “Why We Need Night” (Tricycle), The Union Trade follow the contours of proven terrain and map the outlines of an evolving sound. In moments throughout, the band strips away the epic layers of their first album to expose the intimacy of a beautiful guitar line, the gravity of a simple piano progression, or the emotion and lyricism of a vocal performance. Energized by dynamic rhythms, the EP progresses from the familiar into new territory marked by a broader range of analog and acoustic keyboards, electronic elements and The Union Trade’s most concise song structures to date. “Why We Need Night” captures TheUnion Trade as they continue to define the space where instrumental rock influences meet a more mainstream indie rock sound.

Friends of Tricycle Records Compilation, Vol. 1

If you want to get a free early listen to one of the new songs off our upcoming EP, then visit and download this free compilation of great Bay Area bands compliments of our awesome label.  Our new song, Aurelia, is track #2.

New: Follow us on iTunes’ PING
If you are using the new iTunes social network PING we have a new profile, so you can connect with us, tell others about us, etc.  Follow us here

You can buy our past releases, Now the Swell (EP) and Everyday Including (physical and digital) on the tricycle records website.

Thanks for reading, and thank you for all your support- past, present and future. Be well everyone.

The Union Trade

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